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office furniture projectCentral Committee of the Communist Party Office Furniture Project | The State Committee Government Party  Modern Buildings Office Furniture Project :

On July 23, the Common Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Common Office of the State Committee have as of late issued the “Take note on the Halt of Modern Buildings and Workplaces by Party and Government Organs”.

1. Halt building or growing buildings and halls.
2. Halt movement and buy of buildings and halls.
3.It is entirely taboo to build buildings within the title of “foundation“, “center”, etc.
4. All the buildings and lobbies ventures that have been affirmed but have not however begun development will be suspended.

On the one hand, office and inn furniture companies must pay near consideration to the ventures beneath development within the building of the party and government organizations to guarantee the quality and amount, and total the generation supporting work of the winning ventures on time.

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