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Project Name: Tibet Amidongsuo Hotel (西藏阿咪东索酒店)

Address: NO.2 .Heilongjiang Road ,Sanzhuzi Area ,Rekaze city .Tibet .China .

Tel: 0892-8732333 

 Project Time: Year 2020 from May to August 

 Manufacturer and installation

by Mingle furniture co., ltd 

 Designer by Mingle Furniture co., Ltd 

Tibet, China is a very mysterious and high altitude place around 4100. For the needs of our hotel customers, we have set up a project department from Guangzhou to the high altitude hotel construction site. From the building plan of the whole hotel to the layout of the room, to the lighting and switch line configuration, our arrival unifies the design and construction of the whole hotel with high quality office furniture

Next pls view some of our beautiful photos .

Our hotels room designs :

Our sales and high quality office furniture design also installation Team member with beautiful views of Tibet ,After we final complete the whole projects .Our team have a short travelling to Tibet .Its a nice and clean city .along the road ,along the mountain .there are different  seasons .different views of the beautiful .We are so amazing by what we have with such a great of land-tibet . the ice mountain ,the highland river ,the crowds of sheep and cows .which all different with the concrete cities . 

Here we  sincerely thanks our customer with our working together ,and final we congratulation to our customer with a great hotel and progress business in future . and warmly welcome our foreign clients visiting our Tibet with beautiful lands here .

Thank you .

Mingle Furniture 

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