Proposed Supply and delivery of furniture for public service commission

Project country: Kenya Public Service Commission
Project Name Proposed Supply and delivery of furniture for public service commission
Tender NO: PSC2014-2015/ESM/A80
Employer: Scretary /Chief Executive officer Public Service Commission
Project Date: Year 2015 Contract value: 0.58 million
Project details: Supply and delivery office furniture for the public service commission specially for office desk .workstaions.conference tables.file cabinets .also public seatings .office chairs .


The designation of furniture specifically for an office environment may be a relatively recent development in society. As civilization advanced from agrarian to industrial and eventually to the high-tech modern era, the evolution of office furniture for business-related tasks has advanced to satisfy the requirements of every era. because the nature of the work we do has changed, so too have the kinds of high quality office furniture that we’d like to try to that employment. This has always been the case, but the pace of change has increased since the mixing of technology into the workplace. Computers, printers, scanners, and other electronic devices for paperwork aren’t considered furniture, however. Instead, the high quality office furniture includes desks, chairs, storage cabinets and shelving, lighting, and work environment products like cubicle dividers.


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